Victoria Bonia intend to disrupt the wedding of the stars of the series “Magnificent century”?

Виктория Боня намерена сорвать свадьбу звезды сериала «Великолепный век»?
The Russian was back in the center of the scandal.

Виктория Боня намерена сорвать свадьбу звезды сериала «Великолепный век»?

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Burak ozcivit played and fakhriyya Mammadova Evcen

Photo: @burakozcivit Instagram Burak

Victoria Bonia big fan of the series “Magnificent century”. In this context, she closely followed the lives of actors teledrama. Not long ago, the model became very unpleasant tales: the bride Burak, one of the actors who played in the series, jealous groom to Beaune.

The reason for the scandal was the increased attention to Victoria to Burak. She wrote to the Turkish actor compliments on social networks and put “likes” in large quantity. As reported by Turkish media, it was the cause of discord in the relationship of the actor and his bride — fahriye Evcen. Future wife Ozchivit was furious that Victoria tried to pay attention to her groom themselves.

It soon became known that the star of “the Magnificent century” was able to make peace with the chosen one. In press the information appeared that Burak allegedly promised favorite “block” Victoria, however, it is clear that he did not. On the eve Bon re-commented the actor. “Wow! You’re in great shape, my man!” — said Victoria.

Fans of Bonnie wondered why she re-wrote the Buraku, because very soon — on June 29 in Istanbul, he should be a wedding with Evcen. It is not excluded that the jealous bride Turkish actor can and does cancel the wedding because of another message to Victoria.