Mired in debt, johnny Depp sells the property

Погрязший в долгах Джонни Депп распродает имущество
The actor gets rid of his real estate.

Johnny Depp

Photo: PA Images/TASS

As it became known, johnny Depp sold his penthouse located in one of elite housing complexes
Los Angeles. And, according to insiders, the deal was only the beginning
massive sale of real estate, which staged mired in debt
actor. This was reported by the authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Reportedly, johnny
could get apartments for $ 2.5 million. Part sold
Depp accommodation includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, luxury kitchen and a terrace. Real estate,
getting rid of johnny, located in a complex called Eastern Columbia
housing in which the dream of many residents of Los Angeles.

Interestingly, as it turned out,
Depp owns in this house with four apartments! And they all, according to
the Agency for the sale of real estate for sale. In addition
also, johnny is now trying to pawn off another object — a huge
a Villa in the South of France, for which he has requested $ 55 million.

It seems that johnny who completed this year’s divorce with amber heard, urgently selling off property to raise funds to repay their debts. The thing
that although it was believed that Depp has a great condition, really
business, his finances seem to be in a
pretty sorry state. In any
case, this statement was made by the managers of the company TMG, driving his
Affairs from 1999 to 2016. This was announced by the Internet site contactmusic.com.

As stated by the representative of the company TMG, accountants repeatedly
warned the actor that his expenses exceed income. According
managers monthly expenses Depp reached 3 million. In particular, do not
less than 30 thousand he spent on wine, 200 thousand to pay flights on private
planes, 150 thousand for payment of security guard, 300 thousand — on
staff it employees. In addition, johnny has constantly allowed
afford such huge expenses, as 18 million that he paid for the boat 4
million for victims of the collapse of the record firm of the actor. Not to mention
what he posted
3.6 million by purchasing one of the Bahamas…