Charlie sheen’s Dating best friend’s ex-wife

Чарли Шин встречается с лучшей подругой бывшей жены

Notorious Hollywood actor Charlie sheen has again found happiness. HIV-positive actor started Dating my best friend ex-wife Brooke Mueller Julia Stambler, and she does not care about his incurable disease. This publication reports RadarOnline, citing insiders.

As it became known, the couple lasted for four months, and friends Charlie noted that a new passion has a positive impact on the health and behaviour of a celebrity. Shin stopped drinking alcohol, and this achievement is not only Julia. A new experimental drug, Pro 140 suggests a complete rejection of alcohol. To get into a test group, we should still try. Studies have shown that, at the moment it is one of the most effective medical devices. But receiving Pro 140 do not break the rules: if during a blood test it will notice the traces of alcohol, the patient is immediately eliminated from the group.
Insiders report that Julia and Charlie’s parents had helped him overcome his dependence on alcohol, and now the Tire has a small chance to rebuild their lives.
According to sources, the initiative in the relationship stumbler showed first.
“She contacted him. She considers him her soul mate and trust him. They are now together,” — said the insider.
Charlie’s new girlfriend is younger than his 25 years. She knows that she has a risk of HIV, but it relates to this easily. Julia went with Charlie to his doctor and asked how to avoid the disease. Having a lot of competent information, she calmed down. Now Stembler preventative drugs, in order to have more guarantees for a long and happy life.
And what about Brooke? A woman who had a difficult relationship with Charlie, and bore him two sons, not against the fact that her best friend is Dating her ex-husband.
“Brooke normally refers to the relationship of Charlie and Julie, and believes that it is better to him to be a normal woman than a prostitute or a porn star,” said the insider.
Surrounded by Charlie’s very happy of his relationship with Julia, and think she can save him from the abyss into which he was falling.
“Julia loves Charlie. Many years they had been friends long before becoming a couple. Julia is a girl from a good family, very kind and helpful. She doesn’t need Bus money or his fame. They both agreed that will not create family and have children. It is good as it is, how many would not lasted their relationship, ” said the insider.