Victoria Bonia hides future spouse

Виктория Боня скрывает будущего супруга The former participant “Houses-2” has declared a new relationship. Fans worried about Victoria Bonia, when she parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom. Now they are happy that a celebrity once again in love and even going to go down the aisle.

      Not long ago, the former participant of “House-2” Victoria Bonia said that she broke up with her civil husband Alex Servicom. Despite the fact that the couple has a daughter angelina-Leticia, it could not save them from collapse of family relations. Now Victoria and Alex build their lives without each other. The reality star said that for six months concealed from the public that they Servicom not together anymore. The woman admitted the social network that does not grieve from the breakup with a former lover. Moreover, she stated that she is already passionate about a new man.

      “I have five minutes to married, what sorrow? Yes, I’m back in love. In love with this man that you even can not imagine such wisdom. I just love his brain. I love people with brains” – said Victoria during a broadcast on the social network.

      For fans this statement has become a sensation, because until then the star of the reality show never mentioned that in her personal life there was such a significant changes. Victoria, who generously shares with followers photos and tells about the thoughts and events, yet keeps himself from the temptation to show chosen. Fans are eagerly awaiting details of her new novel. Alex smerfit finding herself after a breakup with Victoria Bonneuil

      After rasstavaniya with Alex Servicom Victoria did not seem depressed and upset. At every opportunity she tried to emphasize that it continues to enjoy life. Victoria said, beginning to find joy in everyday things and events.

      “For me, happiness is to live every moment of life in awareness, being here and now! Even when you’re waiting in line, what we usually don’t like to do, to stand and to smile at life because now I live, see, hear, breathe and unable to stand on his own feet,” said Bonia.

      Now the woman is in Los Angeles with her daughter. Apparently, she decided to stay there for long. Angelina-Leticia goes to school, gymnastics Victoria and she is showing off pictures of a new home in the United States. Probably the girl’s father agrees that the child lives on another continent. Recently Bonya celebrated the birthday of an heir without Alex. Victoria Bonia showed luxury living in Hollywood