Rose’s daughter Sabitova published the correspondence with boyfriend

Дочь Розы Сябитовой обнародовала переписку с ухажером After parting with her husband the heir to the presenter continues to speak with men. Ksenia Sabitova posted in Instagram screenshots of messages from fans. Girl jokes on them and share details with your followers.

      Дочь Розы Сябитовой обнародовала переписку с ухажером

      Just recently, the wider public became aware of the rupture of relations between the daughter of the famous matchmaker Xenia Sabitova and lawyer Andrew Shnekovym. It turned out that the happiness of the young was short-lived – according to Rose-in-law left her heiress immediately after the wedding.

      Rose Sabitova said the collapse of the marriage of their daughter

      But She tries not to worry and distracted by dealing with new Boyfriends. So, in the blog she posted screenshots of correspondence with unknown users of social networks. One of them asked how was your day and what treats postupivshaya daughter of the stars. In response she quipped a young man. With the second fan the same thing happened: on the question of whether to send a girl a rose to 501, a beauty asked to share money.

      Sabitova Junior long suffered the betrayal of her husband and could not understand why it happened. At a difficult time the poor thing calmed closest friends and family, including mom. Later in the documentary about his life host of the show “let’s get married” told about the stress suffered by the heir. “Kseniya cried simply. He didn’t sleep with her! He was not living with her. Left and all” – shared teleshko.

      Apparently, she decided to forget old grudges and try to enjoy life again. 31 December in the microblog she shared with the followers plans for the future. “Begin this year with a clean slate and nothing I regret. Even if this dress is to a New year’s Olivier”, – joked the beauty.

      Apparently, now she decided to concentrate on my career. It turned out that she even chose the desired direction and is doing everything possible for self-realization and successful future. About the fans told rose.

      “My daughter has already chosen the TV. She soon finishes school “Ostankino”. Xenia has ambitious plans: she was going to be at least the leading “Good morning”. And I think she could do it. Ksenia grew up on our project “let’s get married!”, it is in the format, knows everything, and the camera loves her. My daughter an excellent education, not one. She’s interesting, young, beautiful, talented. In General, a worthy replacement is growing. Do you think the daughter will go even further than I,” said the woman.

      But before the wedding samenot doted in the future son-in-law: was interviewed about a young man who promised a dowry and admired professional services. Of course, Sabitova later admitted that was a mistake because of the great love for his daughter and desire to organize her personal life. Perhaps that is why the son of teledive Denis does not allow relatives to interfere in their relationship. Young man meets older woman for 12 years, though, and knows that the parent does not approve of their Union. To listen to her advice, he was not even on the program “let’s get married”, which is a star. There rose tried to find the son of another companion, but Dennis was adamant and after the shooting returned to the beloved.