Skinny Olga Wind scared fans

Исхудавшая Ольга Ветер напугала фанатов Fans suspect the star of “House-2” in anorexia. Judging by the last picture, Olga the Wind is in the excellent physical form. However, a woman is not going to stop there and plans to lose another few pounds.

      Fresh pictures of ex-member of the famous electroni Olga Wind are being actively discussed by followers of her microblog. Followers say trim and athletic figure of the young mother. But the woman wants to look more slender, so continues to improve. Fans worried, because her weight is rapidly declining. Users of the social network even suspect the beauty of anorexia.

      “Lord, what is there to dry… Does people go crazy”, “Where you have to lose weight? You and so all is well!”, “I’m in shock! Why? You’re so thin! What will remain of you?” Just wants to be probably anorexic! Well if fat was, and here where do? Thin! Crazy quite…”, “Olga, I think you’re even a little breeze will carry away. Lost a lot of weight”, “What a mad-drying? You’re like thread!”, “Why are you drying? Sick, apparently. Anorexia will earn!” – sounded the alarm subscribers.

      But the Wind remains adamant and continues to stand on his own. So, in addition to physical activity, Olga is already a few days adhere to proper nutrition. She also added in the diet of protein shakes to achieve the goal even faster. The star of “House-2” admitted that does not like to sit on diets, so I prefer to eat small portions and healthy choices. For example, lunch former member of telestroke usually consists of 30 grams of cereals – buckwheat or bulgur – 50 grams of vegetables and 100 to 150 grams of beef, Turkey or salmon.

      “All a good day. Cheese casserole cooking in the oven, and I’m already in anticipation of the start of frantic drying. Someone already did a “before” picture? Today I plan to”, – wrote in the microblog Olga.

      Many were surprised to learn that it is not the end result, but only the starting point of the Wind. The followers noted that, of course, everyone has his own ideal, but the weight of the stars during participation in the competition may become critical and cause damage to the body of a young mother. They asked darling to be careful and learn to accept who she is.

      “Snack lunch – protein. And those who do not believe that you can lose weight without the help of cocktails and pills, for lunch then Taz them palmese. Continue on to doubt, and I’ll go to his purpose,” – said in Instagram a Breeze.