Victoria Bonia bitterly have regretted it

Виктория Боня горько пожалела о сказанном
Subscribers forced the TV star to change appearance.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonya some time ago changed her hair, repainted from brunette to blonde. Fans still can’t come to the same conclusion: anyone thinks that the model ruined the appearance of a light tint to the hair, while others are satisfied with the experiment Boni. To establish the truth, Victoria conducted a survey. Published recently his portrait, she said that if the beat the popularity of all her previous pictures, it will be the same color of hair.

“Photo is dedicated to those who asked to return my old hair color. If this picture will beat the popularity of my photos in a new way, I will return to your original color!” — Victoria announced on the social network.

The next day, she bitterly regretted it. It turned out that most of her fans are insisting that she’s back in the ranks of the brunettes. Bonya did not expect such results. But “word — not a Sparrow” and now she has to bear this promise. “What’s going on at all? Do I have to dye my hair?! — wonders of Victoria. — I don’t love you anymore!”

By the way, recently Bonya again broke up with his daughter Angelina. The girl flew to Monaco to dad’s for a week. The model is very bored in separation from her daughter and shares her experiences with followers.