Anita Tsoy get rid of the terrible pangs of conscience

Анита Цой избавилась от страшных мук совести
Singer 12 years could not forgive himself for the act.

Anita Tsoy


Anita Tsoy was first told that plagued her conscience for many years. 46-year-old singer confessed that many years ago was the cause of the incident, which ended in the injury of one of the members of its staff. The actress was very worried because of what happened the accident. To somehow make amends to the victims, she took him to the post of personal Secretary. Long 12 years Anita could not forgive herself for what her fault was seriously injured.

This revelation Choi shared during the recording of “the Stars aligned”. The main theme of the issue was the recognition of Philip Kirkorov is that he was tried in the United States for killing a man. The incident happened during a speech of the king of the pop scene in overseas casinos. Philip inadvertently pushed standing next to the guard. He fell down and later died at a local hospital. The relatives of the deceased sued for Kirkorov, and for six long years there was a trial in this case. As a result, he was acquitted.

“You know what’s the problem? That you’re going to beat yourself up about it the rest of my life. Came accidentally someone pushed, he died, and you’re to blame. I have such cases in my life was… fortunately, no one died. I won’t go into details, but the actions that I made, the person really injury. I can say that it was an accident. The man then 12 years worked as a Secretary in my team. I could not forgive!” — said Anita. Gathered in the Studio of the stars and the audience supported Choi expressed support for Philip.