Scarlett Johansson has fueled rumors of divorce with her husband reasoning about monogamy

Скарлетт Йоханссон подогрела слухи о причине развода с мужем рассуждением о моногамии

In connection with the release of the new film starring Scarlett Johansson “Ghost in the shell” — the actress became an active participant in the promotion. She travels the world presenting a picture as well as talk to the press on various topics, including personal.


As you know, now Scarlett is going through the divorce process with her husband, journalist Romain Doriana. The reason for the divorce has still not been named. Secular observers believe that the reason the cheating. This idea of unconscious, and she supports Scarlett, on the topic of a monogamous relationship: “Every achievement in life is due to the efforts and losses. You always choose the lesser of two evils. This also applies to the formalization of relations. Of course, the idea of marriage itself is romantic, and in practice may prove successful. But I don’t think monogamy is a natural human condition. Marriage is work. And the fact that almost all this work is so hard, just proves that sometimes restrictions are unnatural. With a stamp in the passport, you become not just lovers, but family, you share the responsibility. For me marriage is a contract with obligations. And anyone who says that the stamp does not change anything, lying. After the wedding everything changes.”

Someone the reason for the divorce is called the dislike Johansson to Paris, where she had to move for my family. Well, this idea has a right to exist. As Scarlett says, after she moved all of a sudden ceased to flatter her and showed his true face: “at First I was in awe of this city and did not believe those who said that the French are arrogant. But when he moved to live in France with her husband, the illusion dissipated. Perhaps the locals realized that if I stay here, no need to flatter! Or is it my terrible French. I only know basic phrases and pronounce them so badly that all prefer to communicate with me in English. In General, the language barrier is incredibly annoying: even the question of who will put the dishes in the dishwasher in the evening, I couldn’t discuss my husband in his language. But all this is minor cons. I lived on the left Bank, near the Latin quarter, area artists and poets, I walked every day in Paris. And it was perfect!”.

 We will remind, the Romain Doriana became the second wife Scarlett. To him, the actress was married to the star of “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds. Their marriage lasted only two years. Same with the Romaine Johansson has moved in this issue – 3 years.