Victoria Beckham was criticized for singing video with son

Викторию Бекхэм раскритиковали за видео с поющим сыном

While fans of Beckham are delighted with the singing of their son Cruz, the video which was posted on his Facebook page, Victoria, and later David, there were those, who not in delight from actions of famous parents.

Викторию Бекхэм раскритиковали за видео с поющим сыном

British journalist piers Morgan, known for his sharp criticism of Western stars, the couple has called Beckham “shameless” just because they’re praising the singing of my son with the help of social networks.

“These famous parents at first trembling with fear about the safety of their offspring, in every way protecting their privacy, and then upload the video with eleven-year-old son in Instagram that millions saw what star is growing up. It’s about the same as Brooklyn became a photographer.. Why not let these kids just be kids? When they finish schooling, they will decide, what would you like to do in life. If they want to sing – so it will be” — complained to the journalist on air morning show Good Morning Britain.
Meanwhile, Cruz Beckham has been dubbed the “British Justin Bieber”. Let’s see how far will his passion for singing.

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