DAX Shepard in childhood were abused

Дэкс Шепард в детстве подвергался насилию

Star of TV series “Parents” (“Parenthood” in the original) 41-year-old actor DAX Shepard in a recent interview on radio station reported that in childhood was raped 18-year-old neighbor.
“No horror inherent in such stories, there was but twelve years I could not dare to tell about it. I even thought it was my fault, assumed that I was a latent gay and must hide it,” said Dex. Previously he had told about the abuse by her own father.

When he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, he called his mother and reported that she attended a seminar and learned that those people who in childhood were abused, in most cases, become drug addicts.
“At that time I thought just having fun, but after mom got to thinking: what if I really become a heroin addict?” — told the actor. The thought scared him and sobered. The artist, who by that time have tried all kinds of drugs, did not hesitate to use “painkillers and diet pills” decided to get serious. By 2004, the DAX was fit as a fiddle, and in 2007 he met his current wife actress Kristen bell.
“Kristen is the typical studious girl, and my past is just horrifying. She didn’t even believe that we would get married and that I prefer monogamy, fatherhood, and other such things. The first eighteen months of our life together were very difficult – we were fighting every week,” recalls DAX. Now in their life everything is fine. In 2013, they got married and now am raising two daughters Delta and Lincoln.

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