Kristina Orbakaite have to return the car for 120 thousand dollars

Кристине Орбакайте придется вернуть машину за 120 тысяч долларов Bought in Miami the car was a marriage. The artist is forced to give the car, because any failure may affect the life and health of her family. Kristina Orbakaite is sure: safety is paramount.

      Кристине Орбакайте придется вернуть машину за 120 тысяч долларов

      Last week the singer and her spouse Mikhail Zemtsov became the owners of new model electric crossover Tesla Model X at a cost of $120 thousand This car runs on batteries and doesn’t need any fuel. Once charged, it can travel more than 400 kilometers, reaching speeds of 250 kilometers per hour.

      “Now we don’t depend on gasoline prices!” – shared joy Orbakaite. On a new car the singer had planned to travel on the roads of American States, where he spent a vacation twice a year. But, as it turned out, in the near future the artist will have to part with acquisition. The fact that the company Tesla found this particular batch of cars manufactured before 26 March 2016, a manufacturing defect – faulty rear of armchairs: they can suddenly occur during the movement. Bought a car are advised not to use this row of seats and to bring the car in the sales center, which will address the shortcomings.

      “Of course, safety is paramount, – has shared with “Stricom” Christina. – At the moment the car is fine with me, drive it a pleasure. But, on the other hand, if there is a defect, then, of course, have her back. Any faults must be fixed.” Soon Tesla is going to notify customers of the need to return the car. However, to do this the singer can not at once. Vacation Orbakaite in Miami came to an end on April 15, she returned to Moscow to congratulate on the 67th birthday of the mother Alla Pugacheva, as well as to start work on a new program, which will present on December 9 at the Kremlin.

      A spirited celebration Divas. PHOTO. VIDEO

      By the way, the celebration on the occasion of the birthday Diva on April 15 took place in a circle of friends for the actress people. Alla Borisovna has gathered family and friends at the capital seafood restaurant where all the evening the guests sang, danced and were treated to various delicacies. After the holiday close to the family of pop stars people thanked her for the peace of the evening, which, according to their confessions, they will never forget.

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