A man has sued the Hilton hotel for a cocktail with liquid nitrogen..

Мужчина подал в суд на отель Хилтон за коктейль с.. жидким азотом

Don’t need to be a chemist to know that liquid nitrogen vodka is no substitute. Western media reported that the Beverly Hilton Wanted (Beverly Hilton Hotel) judged a man by the name of Jeremy Cox, who was given to drink “signature cocktail” and now about the rest in one of the luxury hotels of the world until the end of his life will be reminded of the pain in the stomach.

In August last year, a man staying in a hotel, where lived and died the famous American singer Whitney Houston. Jeremy didn’t know that he was supposed to be a warning sign.
Together with his wife in the evening, Cox went to the hotel bar, where I decided to try a “special cocktail”, which, as they said the bartender, have a drink in one gulp.
Jeremy told in his claim that only he managed to swallow “drink”, I gasped, turned pale and fell to the floor. Coke wife thought he was dead and screamed out.
As it turned out, instead to give him a cocktail, cooled by liquid nitrogen, the bartender gave him a glass of liquid nitrogen. Jeremy burned the mouth, esophagus and stomach, plus, injured his head in the fall. Now he is going to compensate the moral damage and expenses for treatment by the court. In the administration of calving not comment on the incident.

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