Victoria Beckham accused of promoting anorexia

Викторию Бэкхем обвиняют в пропаганде анорексии

It would seem that all should be in awe of the display of a new collection by British designer Victoria Beckham, which she presented at fashion Week in new York. The costumes really were excellent, but the models demonstrating them seemed to seemed to the public too exhausted. Too thin waist, too baby face Victoria again was accused of promoting anorexia.

Викторию Бэкхем обвиняют в пропаганде анорексии
Critics have repeatedly accused Beckham that she specially selects for showcasing skinny models, but to confess to Victoria and she can boast a curvy shape, and this probably affects the selection of models. According to critics, the British popularitywith unhealthy lifestyle, and this is evident not only in her mannequins, the clothes she creates, looks good only on skinny women.

“One gets the impression that Victoria wants all women used to look like her” — said one of the critics.
Earlier, Beckham even had to make excuses for the selection of models. The designer said that before to sign the contract with the model, the latter carefully check whether she has deviations in terms of health. The designer justified his choice by the fact that thin does not always mean the patient.
Meanwhile, the chief editor of Vogue Anna Wintour was in awe of Beckham and not without pleasure, applauded the show. Children and husband of Victoria also came to support her, and after the end of the event all together went to celebrate the event in her favorite new York restaurant.