Валерий Николаев помирился с женой

2016-th year was for Valeria Nikolaev not the easiest. At the beginning of the year, the actor was involved in an accident which resulted in the taking into custody, and after the trial. According to the court, the star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” was to financially compensate for their impact on law enforcement officers occurred in February. In addition, Valeria was deprived of the license.

Friends of the actor, who in this difficult for him, the company actively communicated with the press and tried to justify his behavior, saying that the answer to the question “Why Valery was inadequate?” lies in family relations. Saying that his wife Nikolaev almost completely stopped communicating, and all because of her contract, under which she spent two years must be in Europe with my dance team.

His sadness over the discord in the family, Valery, according to his entourage, drowned in the bottle and in the end, it almost led to divorce. But Elmira Zemskova (wife) was able to forgive the actor and recently gave him a big celebration, dedicated to the 51-year anniversary. While Valeri took a drop and spent sober birthday.