Никита Джигурда откроет центр духовных практик и откажется от своей фамилии

Nikita Dzhigurda has recently become a very wealthy man. The showman, who had not complained of poverty, inherited from his dead godfathers of almost 1 billion rubles in the form of real estate, Bank accounts and other things.

To dispose of a huge amount is a big responsibility. But Nikita Miller has not become puzzled and have already decided where to invest the money that he bequeathed godmother Ludmila Bratash.

Dzhigurda intends to open a center for spiritual practices in Greece. Place the flamboyant artist has already chosen centre will be opened in the school, which is located 70 km from Parnassos. At the moment it is in full swing repair: “We with Marina and Lucy have traveled a lot in search of a place for conducting ceremonies and stood on it, – says the artist. – At school, taught philosophy, medicine, occult practices, Greek rites. It’s already working, but there still being renovated, but it is expensive. The Villa is set in a separate town where only the millionaires, and should correspond to the level. In the neighbouring mountains there are temples, where services are held, and soon will be an indoor festival, it will be elitist: the mirrors, the candles, the portal through which we’ll call the souls of the dead. This will be my work”.

But life changes, Dzhigurda not finish, but only take the beginning. It turned out that Nikita Miller abandons his famous surname and will now be called Nikita Bratash JI. So the showman has decided to end the life of an artist and devote himself to the spiritual life and develop themselves in this direction: “With the name of the chair was connected to my acting career – says Nikita. – Removing it from the passport, I cease to act, to play in the theater and leaving the profession. I will Bratash JI: the first part of Lucy – as a tribute and the ability to continue its kind, the second part – from the old name, ” and will center of spiritual practices “the Ark” for millionaires, which will invest the money friend.”