Анджелину Джоли обвинили в распущенности

The actress came in without a bra for a meeting with refugee children in Jordan.

The wife of brad pitt not only shoots movies. As the goodwill Ambassador for the UN she still travels around the world. The other day a mother of many children visited Jordan, where he met with Syrian refugee children.

But the visit of the star has turned into a real scandal. Journalists noticed not only how carefully she was with each child, but also that the event on the Hollywood star was not underwear.

“Appear in front of children, especially teenage boys in a Muslim country, is immoral,” wrote on the Internet. A local newspaper called Jolie continue to pay attention to the choice of outfits.

As for most Actresses, she left uncomplimentary remarks without attention. But fans were quick to stand up for their idol. And then found the arguments with which it is hard to disagree.

First, Jordan is hot, secondly, the actress wore a black dress free cut. Finally, a couple of years ago she underwent a double mastectomy and surgery to reconstruct the breast, but because the scars in her underwear she may simply be uncomfortable.