Victoria and Anton Makarsky are settling in Sergiev Posad

Виктория и Антон Макарские обустраиваются в Сергиевом Посаде The couple are preparing for the overhaul. According to Victoria Makarska, part of the work they intend to perform with their hands. Children of the star couple ideas from parents delighted.

      Виктория и Антон Макарские обустраиваются в Сергиевом Посаде

      Anton and Victoria Makarska last summer he moved to Russia. This event the couple had planned long ago, when the actress had a son. Initially, the family hoped to live abroad for another year after the baby is born, but then changed her mind and moved the timing.

      Fans helped friendly family, to find suitable temporary housing in the suburbs. Well, now the Makarska plan to move into your house in Sergiev Posad. However, housing in need of repair, final preparations for which are now doing Victoria and Anton Makarsky. On the eve of the singer published in the microblog a collage of family pictures on which happy couples children Masha and Vanya with undisguised pleasure master the ladder. Looks like the kids loved the idea parents to take on part of the work on bringing the place up, and ready to give mom and dad help.

      “And we are already preparing for the repairs in Sergiev Posad! – with its inherent positivity and love of life was reported in the microblog Victoria Makarska. – Many will try to make your own hands.” Followers of the star couple support them in the quest to build yourself a house and are ready to offer their assistance to the family.”Vika! God help you! If you need help workers – will be happy to help!”, “It is possible to do everything with your hands! Assistants you and God bless!”, “This team is all on the shoulder, happy for your family, Victoria!”, “I am pleased that our city came to my heart such wonderful people as you,” the followers leave comments in the microblog Victoria Makarska.

      By the way, in the ability of Victoria Makarska to do everything with their hands all doubts at anybody does not arise. It is known that the young woman began to earn his first money from the age of thirteen and no work is not afraid. Once in microblogging Victoria told me that her life has been a lot of work before it achieved popularity. It was very long to what she is now. “I worked for 13 years, weeding the garden for 30 rubles in the Botanical garden, was also a nanny on vacation and happily mopping the floors at the post office, and was an honor student. And in Moscow, in GITIS, she did, not to pull”, — told about the thorny way of Makarska.



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