Star of TV series “Real boys” Nikolay Naumov became the father of many children

Звезда сериала «Реальные пацаны» Николай Наумов стал многодетным отцом Actor’s wife gave him a son. The child was named Sergei. About the joyous event Naumov does not apply, but with colleagues shared it. Nicholas has never hidden that wants to have a big family in which to grow up happy children.

      Звезда сериала «Реальные пацаны» Николай Наумов стал многодетным отцом

      Two years ago, after the birth of her second child, the actor admitted: “I Want at least three kids!” All said and done. “Kohl’s has recently become the father of many children, happy to madness, – has shared with “StarHit” the illuminator Ivan Miller. – A few months ago, his wife Albina gave birth to a son. Have Naumova taboo to name children after someone from relatives, friends, so the boy was given the simple name of Sergei. The baby was born in the same hospital of the city of Perm, and the senior children: five-year-old daughter Amina and two-year-old son Sasha.

      The actor recently even took a short vacation to spend time with family. “In 2014 Naumova were ready to move to Moscow,” continues Ivan, ” but later decided to wait with this. Still in the hometown of their parents and grandparents. Albino there easier.” Regarding the education of children at Naumov’s position is clear – no babysitters, it should deal with parents.

      “Many of our generation seriously relate to this, – confessed the actor “StarHit” after the birth of his son Alexander. – Open showrooms and all sorts of other crap, and their child meanwhile strangling a cat – and no education… So I have Albina in the coming years to work just will not go. Experience shows that if a family has two kids, a mom nothing else to do can’t even paint your nails next time! All her time is spent on the children: to Wake, to wash, to feed, to dress… a lot of work, especially when you leave for shooting. But I try to please his wife”.

      For 14 years, Albina was able not just to see this. At first she was jealous of her husband even to his partner for the series. But Nikolai managed to convince the wife that this is not the slightest reason. In the next season of “Real boys,” which goes on TNT from may 16, Kolya appeared in a new role – to be decided by Deputy Perm. Most interesting is that with Albina he met under similar circumstances: in the early 2000s, a girl approached him – she was collecting signatures in support of a local candidate. After a few months the young people began to live together, and after five years of civil marriage, in 2007, officially painted.

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