Kim Kardashian “caught a star” and lost control of himself

Ким Кардашьян «словила звезду» и потеряла контроль над собой

The wide popularity of Kim Kardashian and immense love of her fans made it so that the participant reality show “Family Kardashian” “caught a star”.

Kimberly became a lot more demanding than before and making the lives of their subordinates unbearable.

From the Royal pretensions of celebrity, which is famous for publishing online your porn video, suffer not only her employees, but even employees of various institutions where it happens.

“She will send food back if the plate has at least one extra drop of sauce”, — quotes the words of an eyewitness at the restaurant of the Western press.

“She gives orders to the people that are around her, as if she is the Queen. Even the servants have to rearrange flowers when at least the edge is able to block her reflection in the mirror”, say insiders.

Close to the star say that such drastic changes Kardashian happened after my second child was born – son of Saint.

Kim, who used to be able to compliment their employees, can now only Express aggression.

What can be the reason for such changes is unknown. Secular observers suggest that the star may be pregnant again and this situation is her incredibly angry. Recall, Kardashian has repeatedly said that the pregnancy for her most difficult test that she had to live, and therefore again to be in the position she no longer wants to.

By the way, the appearance in the family Kardashian-West second child changed not only Kim, but also baby North. The girl is very jealous of the parents to the little brother and tries to do everything possible to Kim and Kanye drew attention to it. According to rumors, the couple even wants to go to a psychologist, to help her daughter deal with emotions and feelings. It seems that help is needed not only North…

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