Victor Drobysh made a splash on Instagram: “Now I’m a popular guy”

Виктор Дробыш произвел фурор в «Инстаграме»: «Теперь я популярный парень» The appearance of the account of the producer has pleased fans. Victor Drobysh decided to create the page in popular social networks. In a short time, he had tens of thousands of followers who are interested to follow events in his life and the project “New Factory of stars”.
Виктор Дробыш произвел фурор в «Инстаграме»: «Теперь я популярный парень»

The second of September started the popular musical project “the New Factory of stars”. The producer of the show of young talents became Victor Drobysh. The same evening it became known that the famous composer still started a page on Instagram. He decided to become closer to fans who want to know more about the life of the master.

“So I’m with you. Let’s discuss all the fun, share secrets. To discuss that cannot be discussed anywhere else,” wrote Victor Y. in one of the first publications.

Today Drobysh first went live, to live chat with members and answer their questions. He noted that he was very pleased to be in touch with your followers. Figure of the music industry changed the attitude towards social networking and appreciated this form of communication with the audience of fans. “It seemed like a waste of time. And now I thought that this is the only chance to talk to you without intermediaries(…) Now I’m a popular guy” – confessed Viktor Yakovlevich.

The producer also said that in his microblog will appear news about “manufacturers”. As in previous seasons, young artists do not have the ability to keep your phones on you. Jokes Sobchak and concerns Drobysh: how was the opening concert of the “New American idol”

“They are isolated from society. They should focus on the music, live sound,” – said the producer on Instagram.

Fans were happy that now they will be able to know about Viktor Yakovlevich more information. For a few days on account of celebrity signed more than 20 thousand people. “Viktor Yakovlevich, I wish you a bright and interesting articles!”, “Positive person always happy! Especially when you smile!”, “Hurrah! You are finally with us. Good luck, new discoveries. Good luck,” wrote the loyal followers.

Apparently, Victor Drobysh read the comments that leave his fans in the microblog. He hastened to thank everyone who subscribed to his page.

“Monday – day heavy. Although in my case it is the same as everyone else. This is happiness. So don’t make faces, it’s time to write songs! By the way, thank you all for the kind words and support in my “Integrate,” wrote the producer.