Denis Matrosov hard transfers separation from the baby

Денис Матросов тяжело переносит разлуку с малышом The actor is forced to live in another city. Denis Matrosov showed pictures of the small heir of Feodor, made during a walk in St. Petersburg, and told how hard he had no dear to the hearts of people.

Denis Matrosov has pleased fans with a new family snapshots. A man posted on Instagram shots taken during a walk with his son and beloved Olga. At the moment I have to live in the two cities, as in St. Petersburg are shooting a picture of the “Accident” with his participation. Some time ago, the movie star came to his fiancee Olga and son Theodore.

“My returned to Moscow three days ago. I left to work in St. Petersburg. Miss you! A couple of pictures from their walks together in the Northern capital. The fool, in General, seen a week ago. Thanks to modern technologies that allow us to communicate across hundreds and thousands of kilometers. And in the meantime we’re moving to remove the crash in the movie “Crash”, – said Denis in the caption to the frame with the civil wife and little Fyodor.

Recall that the second son Matrosov was born in Easter, may 1, 2016. The baby was born healthy, weighing 3530 grams and growth of 50 centimeters. The actor himself was present at birth, supporting his beloved Olga. Now that a couple have not issued the relations, as the money they gathered for a wedding were stolen by unknown persons, who broke into their vacation home. Now the parents of little Fyodor will have to postpone the celebration.

By the way, Denis had also a son Ivan, born in marriage with the actress Maria Kulikova. He devotes much time to the upbringing of the heir. Recently the actor gave a terrific birthday party for your child. The night before the whole house was decorated with balloons, and in the morning the boy waited gifts. “Love you with all my heart! The boy positive, Ivan, our Sailors, to grow up healthy! The most important thing!” – wrote in the microblog Denis. His fans joined in congratulating the happy father.

Despite the fact that Dennis got divorced from Mary, they managed to keep a good relationship. However, the parting cost him very expensive. “I bought the Masha and the son of the house is 600 metres from mine, so the game will grow on my mind,” said the Sailors to journalists after a breakup. A few years later the ex-wife forgot old grievances, so often get together for the holidays.