Husband of Tamara Miansarova forced to sell the apartment

Муж Тамары Миансаровой вынужден продать квартиру Mark Feldman was the guest of the program “the Stars aligned”. He said that he wants to part with the estate which he inherited after the death of the singer. The husband of the actress hopes to erect a monument for his wife with the money.
Муж Тамары Миансаровой вынужден продать квартиру

Tamara Miansarova died 12 July 2017, but Mark Feldman is still hard to talk about it. As soon as she recalls, his eyes shed tears. My husband was with a pop star until the very end, and now regularly visits her.

Becoming the guest of the program “stars of the met”, mark Feldman spoke about the plans for the property, which he got in inheritance after the death of his wife.

“By will an equal share in the apartment belongs to me and daughter Tamara Kate. You will now need to sell the property and put the wife a nice monument. I’ll be selling only his part, as to count me not one,” said Feldman.
Муж Тамары Миансаровой вынужден продать квартиру

He admitted that he was not going to touch the share of the daughter of the singer Catherine Khlebnikova. Naslednitsa Tamara Miansarova visit Mark M. and after his mother’s death, they maintain a close relationship.

However, with the son of the deceased singer’s widower does not communicate. Earlier in mass media there appeared the information that Andrey Miansarov claim on the estate of the mother despite the fact that his name was absent in the will.

The claims of the son of actress outraged Mark Feldman. He says that Andrew long spoke with the mother and rarely visited her.

Tamara Miansarova, sang the hit “Black cat”: poverty, illness and betrayal of the son

“What happened with Tamara — Vina Andrew. The daughter came to her, and the son no. She was very worried. Two months before her death, she called him and asked him to come but he never came,” – shares memories of mark Mihajlovic.

The widower said that he Miansarov not helped relatives during the funeral preparations. As a result, all the organizational issues took the husband and daughter of the artist.

Host of “the Stars aligned” Oskar Kuchera suggested Mark Feldman financial assistance. He believes that the organization of the charity event will help raise funds for a good monument for the singer. However, the widower will not accept such a solution.

“I’m not ready to go that way. Used to rely only on themselves and not on someone else’s help,” replied mark Feldman.

The audience in the Studio, the program took the side of the inconsolable widower. However, the question of inheritance Tamara Miansarova still is not fully clarified. It is unknown how the news of the sale of real estate will react to the son of a Soviet pop stars.