Виктор Авдюшко: причина смерти

People’s artist of Russia Victor Avdyushko not familiar to the modern audience, but the Soviet audience knew and appreciated this actor with restrained stern gaze on the brave face for many years. He was known, loved and celebrated in the roles of ordinary people: reliable, strong-willed, capable of any feat, who know their value and do not try to throw dust in the eyes. Cause of death Victor Avdyushko in our time may seem strange and even improbable: this strong and powerful man died of pneumonia.

He was born in 1920 in a simple working class family and since childhood have known the taste of poverty. Well after school, Victor, following the mood of the time, he entered the Moscow aviation Institute and after several years of study it was felt that it irresistibly attracts the actor’s fate. He went to VGIK, where his mentor was Yuri Raizman. The Institute was completed in 1949, and in the movie, Avdyushko began to appear already in 1948.

		Виктор Авдюшко: причина смерти

Victor Avdyushko in the film “Sasha comes to life”

After several small roles he was lucky to play in the film Schweitzer “a Tight knot” and to exercise, test yourself, believe in your talent. But the film by the authorities for a long time was altered and was not allowed to hire. But the role of Yevgeny Bazarov in the film adaptation of Turgenev’s novel “Fathers and children” after many small and large works in the film was Avdyushko a real gift of fate. She auditioned not one venerable well-known actor, but the Directors of Bergunker and Rashevsky considered appropriate for the unbending image of the nihilist that is Victor Avdyushko.

Becoming famous after this film, he received invitations in a variety of films and played many interesting characters, major and minor, the main features of which were restraint, persistence and dedication – qualities that are valued in men.

It seems that he was so natural in these images because they were inherent to the Victor, Avdyushko. By the way, he never had a chance to play any villain or villain – has not offered, or just didn’t fit.

His 28 years film career, Avdyushko played in sixty-plus movies. Directors loved to work with this actor. His external equanimity, and even stinginess, strictness, perfectly offset by a rich inner content of the image. In addition, his voice was interesting for duplication of foreign films. There were about twenty.

		Виктор Авдюшко: причина смерти

It’s hard to imagine such a person who died of the disease, but the disease itself and the circumstances of its flow was not easy. Close Viktor Antonovich remember that acting in a war drama, “in the Pacific…,” he caught a bad cold but continued with pneumonia to enter cold sea water – the crew have “burned” chart. He barely made it home from the Far East with purulent pleurisy and heal it to the end, starred in his latest role – Marshal Konev in the film “Soldiers of freedom”. So, the cause of death Victor Avdyushko 50 years was the usual, but very insidious disease. The actor died 19 November 1975.

		Виктор Авдюшко: причина смерти

The Grave Of Victor Avdyushko

He is buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.