Yegor Gaidar: the cause of death

		Егор Гайдар: причина смерти

The famous grandson of the famous writer, Yegor Gaidar was, though in his own way, a worthy descendant of the famous ancestor. He had the strength and courage to put your hand to the management of economic process in Russia on one of the most dangerous stages of development. According to some politicians, it has been a real lifesaver in the early 90-ies, preventing hunger and war, for others – Gaidar contributed to the rapid impoverishment of the masses. The cause of death of Yegor Gaidar, too early for someone of your stature may be due to the huge loads that he had to endure in those years.

And the father of Yegor Gaidar, the military correspondent of “Pravda”, and his mother the daughter of a famous writer Bazhov, provided him a comfortable happy childhood, intellectual family atmosphere, unlimited opportunities for creative and personal growth. In his childhood he visited his parents in Cuba and personally saw Fidel Castro and the legendary Che Guevara, often lived in Yugoslavia.

		Егор Гайдар: причина смерти

He was interested in intellectual pursuits and reflections, a game of chess, and similar “serious” Hobbies. Not too flexible, phlegmatic by nature, as he himself admitted, Yegor Gaidar was doing very well. He with a gold medal graduated from high school and economic faculty of Moscow state University in 1978. – with the red diploma. Then Gaidar chose the path of scientific research in the sphere of economy, actively collaborated on this topic in the press. In 1990, he brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis.

When Russia began a fundamental change, Yegor, leaving the scientific work at the Institute (IET), held in the government high positions of responsibility. He, at various times, was a member of two State Dumas, was a member of the Supervisory Board of APE, even acting Prime Minister. Radical reforms in the Russian economy this time is considered to be the ideological brainchild of Yegor Gaidar.

		Егор Гайдар: причина смерти

He was called one of the founders of Russian capitalism, and such a title, quite naturally, was to cause a lot of opposite opinions in a society often hostile. The attacks against him were unrelenting: Gaidar really had neither the eloquence nor strong charisma. How he responded to the hostility of the masses is unknown, at least outwardly, was calm and restrained. However, such experiences are never in vain. Apparently, his heart was already made itself felt.

Yegor continued its activities even after retirement: teaching, publish their articles and papers, participated in discussions, trying to discharge the negative voltage of peaceful domestic joys of the type of fishing or gathering mushrooms. Gaidar himself admitted that is a connoisseur of whiskey, but was it this passion of boundary – unknown, probably not: he was quite a moderate person.

		Егор Гайдар: причина смерти

He died at the age of 53, in December 2009, at home, in the Odintsovo district near Moscow. Expert opinion about the cause of death of Yegor Gaidar found out that he was killed by pulmonary edema caused by a heart attack.

He is buried at Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.

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