«Милый джентльмен»: коллеги Олега Анофриева поделились воспоминаниями о нем Wednesday died the famous actor and singer. Friends of Oleg Anofrieva gathered in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov. Everyone who worked with the artist, speak of him as a true professional and caring person.
«Милый джентльмен»: коллеги Олега Анофриева поделились воспоминаниями о нем

28 March died the national actor of the Russian Federation Oleg anofriyev, who has played in dozens of films and was well known as a singer. A celebrity voice could be heard in the “Bremen town musicians”, “the Lion and the turtle”, “lullaby”. Oleg A. dedicated issue of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” which showed it in the interview recorded in late January of this year.

Anofriyev said that many members of his generation passed away. The artist has described himself as “outgoing nature” and remember their colleagues.

“The fear they say all the time, because no one left. Left a whole generation. Senchina, Valya Tolkunova… this bright, cheerful, joyful voices was gone,” – said the actor.
«Милый джентльмен»: коллеги Олега Анофриева поделились воспоминаниями о нем

Alexander Oleshko has shared his recording of the last output Anofrieva on stage. The actor read the poems in the Vakhtangov theatre. “Every morning he had to print new poems and said, “something God whispered to me”. He put these papers in photo albums and gave loved ones,” recalls Oleshko.

Journalist Valentina Pimanova said that the play was characterized by high demands, when it comes to work. Therefore the actor is not all found a common language.

“He was, of course, an amazing person, very prickly. He said: “I am very uncomfortable”. He never agreed to compromise, she said. – My daughter was removed about a year ago, when it was already bad enough. When turned off the camera, he read poetry and was allowed to use my phone. It was the Requiem itself. It was the key words: “hold on to me till spring.”

Actress and Director Lyudmila Tsvetkova worked with Oleg Andreevich in the Theater actor. “He mainly worked on the concerts, it was extremely busy. Oleg loved the concert. The audience loved him and would not let go. He never left on time”, – shared the artist. According to Tsvetkova, the play could never remain indifferent to the plight of others. “In life he was very direct and principled person. Always train attitude to everything, often stood up for someone,” – says Lyudmila.

In an interview with journalists, as fate would have shared his dream. The actor thanked God for the fact that wait for great-grandchildren.

“When a person comes to go, then he needs to have a sequel. Some girls, girls, granddaughter, another granddaughter… I been waiting for this for 80 years. Just look at him and think: “Oleg, do you live on,” – said the actor.
«Милый джентльмен»: коллеги Олега Анофриева поделились воспоминаниями о нем

Few people know that the Intro to “good night, kids” was recorded by Oleg anofriyev, noted presenter Andrey Malakhov. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of TV “Class!” Alexander Mitroshenkov said that this song “actually saved” the program.

“Once a transfer of the hit cartoon, in which he talked about the Frog-traveler. In the meantime, our chief Secretary so much and traveled a lot, that someone began to speak, saying that it is a parody, and it specifically put. The program was closed. Then kids fell in love with the song “lullaby”, was bombarded with letters of the Central Committee of the Communist party, and transfer back. It really became the mascot because it’s a special voice. Many of the adults said that when the child hears this tone of voice, he falls asleep” he said.

Mitroshenkov also spoke about the character of the artist. “He was a unique man. Said he was tough, prickly… But all who knew him for the shooting, found him, on the contrary, is very kind and ironic”, he added.

Angelina Vovk’s words confirmed Mitroshenkova. “I was surprised when I heard this opinion. He was surprisingly cheerful, friendly, very nice gentleman. He often came to us in the announcer’s Department. We sidali he was… He was constantly making compliments, something treated,” said TV presenter.

Composer Alexander Zhurbin regarded colleague “fanatic works music”. “He has and popular songs, such as “What song without a Bayan”. But not everyone knows that he wrote some musicals… He wanted me to helped propel the musical to the stage. Put him, but not in big theaters. And he was very worried…” – says a friend Anofrieva. According to Zhurbin, his colleague did not appreciate.

In his last interview anofriyev admitted that he is enough of a small space to work with. The artist is absolutely not lamented the fact that not accumulated fabulous wealth, and calmly spoke about the imminent departure.

“I wasn’t a rich man, well, that’s the nature of the dependent. Many had to build their own houses, the fifth and tenth… But I differently lived. Even the house I had Jakubowicz. Received as the prize the apartment, added money and bought this house – shared the actor. – Heard the news and they were talking with Alain Delon. Oh, my God! He says: “the Sooner the better from this world to leave.” Just as I am.”