Евгения Медведева потребовала за участие в Олимпиаде дорогое украшение Athlete loves products made of precious metals. Evgenia Medvedeva was second at the prestigious competition, losing to 15-year-old Aline Sagitova. The girl’s mother flew to Pyeongchang on the next day after a tough competition and still have not watched the speech daughter.

A month ago, ended the winter Olympic games in Korean Pyeongchang. Russian figure skater took the top step of the podium. Despite the fact that many predicted a first place 18-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva, bypassed Alina Sagitova, who is only 15. Alina Sagitova wept bitterly before taking doping

After such a demanding competition silver medalist decided to take a break and give yourself a chance to rest. Not so long ago she suffered a serious injury of the foot, and therefore doctors strongly recommended to reduce the load.

Medvedev admitted that, like many girls, loves jewelry. However, she doesn’t wear jewelry, giving preference to products from precious metals and expensive stones.

“Before the Olympics I got a ring with a small diamond, chose and frame and stone and my mother and grandmother made me such a gift. I don’t wear jewelry. Only the real jewels. Believe that it is better for a long time to wear the same jewelry, but good. For example, I have a year and a half, do not remove these rings and bracelet with gold quatrefoil. Sleep with them, take a shower, exercise, perform,” – said Medvedev.

When the athlete was very young, her mom had a difficult. Jeanne raised her alone, and therefore had to work to provide the child with everything necessary. A woman came out of maternity leave when my Wife was eight months.

Medvedev began skating when she had not even turned three years old. Mom had to carry her for a workout at seven in the morning. “Once on the transition between the stations, the crowd blew us with Eugene to the iron constraints facing the escalators. I knew that my tiny baby is hanging out somewhere in the legs, it now can simply trample, break ribs. Time caught her in his arms, because in the next moment we are going into these tin cans. Apparently, something pinched my Wife because she screamed the whole station. That’s when I realized that enough is enough, we need urgently to buy a car. Had to get out somehow: to save, to borrow, to look for a part-time job,” recalls the mother of the celebrated figure skater.

Eugene recognizes that it is inherent in a sensible attitude to things – she tries not to buy anything extra and does not like surprises. For mom she chooses really necessary and useful gifts.

“You can always ask the question directly: “what do you want?” – instead of having to buy and bring home unnecessary thing,” – says Medvedev in interview to the edition “7 days”.