Родной театр Табакова встал на защиту Марины Зудиной In the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov clarified scandalous situation. Earlier, some media wrote that the theater was negatively expressed in the address of the widow Tabakov. However, the names in the statements did not appear.

Recently, some media spread information about the fabulous assets of the widow of Oleg Tabakov Marina Suginoi. Supposedly she secretly has an apartment in a house built for employees of the Moscow art theatre. Moreover, the staff of the theatre, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke sharply to the women, calling it “Saltychikha”.

The press service of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre commented on the information spread in the press. Employees are advised not to believe the words of people who do not even disclose their names. In the theater take the position that these were only an invention of journalists.

Many people who were familiar with Oleg Pavlovich, I remember what he did for them a lot of good. Alexander Semchev, who worked with Tabakov in some productions, said that he greatly helped him.

“For his work in the theatre, the state promised me an apartment. A few months knocked at doors of various government agencies, preparing documents, but the keys give no hurry. Already lost hope to settle, after all, lived in a small room with his wife and two children. When trouble learned Oleg Pavlovich, he took control of the situation, picked up all contacts to clear the housing. Surprisingly, it was only after the intervention Tabakov I received the coveted square meters!” – said the actor.

Who helps Marina Suginoi to survive the death of Oleg Tabakov

Recall that the media actively discussed the issue of inheritance, which could leave tobacco. It is known that the actor has not written a will. Based on the documents of the Ministry of culture, the journalists put forward their version.

Oleg Pavlovich had three apartments in Moscow, and his spouse was listed two more. The family lived in an apartment overlooking Red square. Outside the city, near the river Istra, the family theatre is a mansion, standing on a plot of two hectares.

“In 2015, for example, it was reported that Oleg Tabakov has earned 48 million 297 thousand rubles. And in 2017 he took the second place among all Russian jurukov and first among Metropolitan. Only the Director and artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater (tobacco combined these posts) recently, the actor earned 935 994 rubles a month. Plus – the “Snuff box”, plus wages in theatrical College, plus a pension, including an allowance for the title of people’s artist of the USSR”, – considered the income of artist journalists.