Вера Глаголева отказалась от химиотерапии незадолго до смерти TV presenter and journalist Andrey Maksimov told about a close friend. According to the man, Vera Glagoleva was hoping for something that will be able to overcome severe illnesses. So at some point the actress and the Director decided not to use one of the methods of treatment.
Вера Глаголева отказалась от химиотерапии незадолго до смерти

The famous TV presenter and journalist Andrey Maksimov shared memories of his good friend Vera Glagoleva, who died on August 16 at the 62-m to year of life. The man admitted that he was very difficult to tell about the actress and the Director. “I’ve had nothing to write about Vera Glagoleva. I will not explain why,” he said.

According to Maximov, he was shocked to learn of the death of a close friend. The man was unable to attend the funeral of Vera Glagoleva, so he apologized to her loved ones. Each star has admitted that he can not accept her departure.

“I can’t imagine her dead. And she will always live for me. And when I come to the restaurant where we sat so many times and as many times had met accidentally, I’m looking for her eyes. And this is one of those habits that make life. And I can’t and don’t want to abandon it”, – he shared.
Вера Глаголева отказалась от химиотерапии незадолго до смерти

Andrey Maksimov told that Vera Glagoleva has never remained indifferent to the problems of other people. Friends called the actress a musketeer, referring to her desire to always come to the aid of others. “When there was any problem, I rushed to it. And I’m not alone. Not because she was so straight all-powerful, but because she took someone else’s pain as his own,” recalled the journalist.

The presenter also told about how a friend told him about his struggle with a serious illness. Vera Glagoleva believed that will be able to overcome the disease. So she at some point made the decision to abandon one type of treatment.

Close Vera Glagoleva told about her battle with a serious illness

“I remember she told me about her illness. (…) Never before or after have I seen Faith scared. The weeping saw – frightened, no. It was a long time ago. And she began to be treated. Hard to believe that she managed to win – she even refused the chemo. It seemed that she should never die, because Faith was the embodiment of life. She was one of those women who never age. And when she lost weight, we all said, “Vera, you look good…” – said Maximov.

According to the memoirs of other Vera Glagoleva, it was very interesting to talk to. The woman never complained about their problems, not to force the interlocutor to worry about.

In his column for the “Russian Newspaper” Andrey Maksimov also mentioned that his friend took one of the best pictures of the war. In scary as the journalist noted, the film “One war”, released in 2009, tells about the fate of women giving birth from invaders.