Супруга Бориса Грачевского раскрыла правду о свадьбе The choice of the Creator of the “jumble” has denied speculation about the marriage allegedly took place the other day. As it turned out, Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovsky has long registered their relationship. Since then, the husband and wife to regularly celebrate this event.
Супруга Бориса Грачевского раскрыла правду о свадьбе

Last weekend in the media appeared information that the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky married his fiancée, 33-year-old Ekaterina Belotserkovsky. Wedding couples, as journalists wrote, took place in the Moscow elite of the village, and to the ceremony were invited only the closest friends and relatives. Among the guests of the event were Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife Irina Mlodik, actor Vladimir Dolinsky, and many others.

Boris Grachevsky was married a third time

Journalists contacted Boris Grachevsky, to congratulate him on his change in marital status. The man, however, denied the speculation about the wedding. He said that for a long time legitimized their relationship with the second half and celebration, which took place the other day, is a celebration of the anniversary.

“We have been married marriages UGA. We really celebrated on the day of the event, but it was not a wedding. We celebrated all at once: and her anniversary, and other events. In General, we live together for three and a half years”, – said Boris Titov.

Fiancee grachevskogo confirmed that for a long time is married. According to the woman, she and her husband used to celebrate this event in a narrow circle of friends. To answer the question about when they are with Boris Yuryevich legalized relationships, Catherine refused. Belotserkovsky also noted that following news of the wedding appeared on the Internet a lot of negative statements about her affair with Grachevsky. Beloved the Creator of the “jumble” stated that he was happy with it despite the age difference.

“Excuse me, this will be our little secret. Unfortunately, all rinse this information. Comments write is not flattering and no one understands, does not believe in what is happening, I think because we have a big age difference. No one understands that Boris Yurievich an adult who is working and full of energy, and it is not the person to sit on the neck!” – said the wife of Boris Grachevsky.

During the meeting with media representatives, Catherine has made it clear that it has the right to privacy and have a negative attitude to the discussion. Reporters also found out the cause of a misunderstanding. The journalists of “Moskovskiy Komsomolets”, many were misled post of Emmanuel Vitorgan in Instagram, in which he congratulated the other with the wedding.

“Dear Borenka and Katyusha! Congratulations on the happiest day of my life. You both deserve this day! Love you so very, be happy,” – wrote in social networks, the famous actor and his wife Irina Mlodik.

Recall that on the novel by Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovsky became known in late 2015.