Vera Brezhnev lit with rappers in Paris

Вера Брежнева зажгла с рэперами в Париже Favorite of the Russian audience showed fans on his page in the social network, she spent time in the French capital. In the video, the singer starts to dance on one of the Central squares of the city along with street performers.

      Vera Brezhnev never ceases to amaze fans with their talents. Russian singer and actress tried themselves in the role of a dancer. It even did not bother the crowd of onlookers who stood around. Brezhnev showed a video with his electrifying dance followers in the microblogging.

      During a trip to Paris Faith for a long time, watched the street dancers who skillfully played the room in the style of breakdance at the observation deck near the Eiffel tower. In the middle of the video one of them goes to the singer. Brezhnev also begins to dance, and the man pulls her to the center and begins to turn the girl around. Then the Russian star, that throughout the video, you can learn only by light curls, solo begins to implement elements of street style dances. Brezhnev has commented on this act of the hashtag to the roller “did Not panic”. Video recorded celebrity stylist Ales, Matsuk, better known on social networks as Alisa Boha.

      Video posted by Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) May 23 2016 11:17 PDT

      The room made an impression on fans Brezhneva. The improvisation turned out mega awesome. Talent!”, “They did not even know with whom you danced,” “Faith – super positive!”, “For a man who enjoys every moment of his life!”, – such pleasant words left dancing to the Faith of her followers.

      By the way, some time ago, the singer delighted fans with a new video for the song “Number 1”. In this star showed that is not afraid of anything. She runs across the roofs of cars, flies a plane, drives a tractor to rescue his beloved. All this star manages to do in a gorgeous evening dress of scarlet color. “Sometimes, in order to achieve something, it is very important to believe in you. Let even one person. And then everyone on the shoulder. Then there is the strength to do things. Then there is the strength to overcome obstacles. It is love that helps you to be special, being true to oneself” – these words describe the Faith of your clip.

      Outside of stage and screen Faith – caring mother and wife. Brezhnev was married to Konstantin Meladze in 2015. Her husband always admires the talents of the blonde singer and her human qualities. Vera Brezhneva: a secret wedding and a long way fortunately

      “Faith’s got a big heart, she tries to help everyone, finds people who need her help. Faith has amazing energy, looking at her, and I’m getting better. Before I met Faith, I like a snail, lived in its shell, and only with her arrival got out,” said Meladze in one of the programs.

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