Сергей Шнуров дал отпор «сказочному» депутату из Петербурга Russian by watching the news about yourself. Recently in a press there was an information that Shnurov and that his music want to ban. The initiative belonged to Deputy Evgeny Marchenko. The leader of group “Leningrad” retorted in his microblog on this idea.

      Сергей Шнуров дал отпор «сказочному» депутату из Петербурга

      Around the group “Leningrad” and its soloist Sergei Shnurov, another scandal broke. After the release of the video “Peter – to drink!” April 30 public figures accused the musician in the promotion of alcoholism.

      The Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Evgeny Marchenko actively opposed the creativity of the rock band. “I want Shnurov punished and banned. Prohibited by law to swear. You what’s nice: a little man with a guitar, shabby, takes off his pants” – commented on the activities of musician and politician.

      The soloist of group “Leningrad” could not remain aloof from such statements. In the first post, which the musician posted on Instagram, he called Marchenko magic MP”. “Deny Shnurov! Exactly! “I forbid you! “in a loud voice say three times, spit and disappear Cords”, signed Sergei printskrin a newspaper article about yourself than amused its users.

      But Internet communication is a musician and the Deputy has not ended. The leader of the “Leningrad” published on his page a photo of the Deputy Marchenko and escorted her expressive commentary.

      “The wrestler with the shabby man. Luminous thinker. The defender of the weak and children. The embodiment of cultural capital. A fabulous Deputy. See – kiss,” said Cords.
      Сергей Шнуров дал отпор «сказочному» депутату из Петербурга

      Earlier, when the Prosecutor first talked about the fact that the clip “Peter – to drink!” should be banned, Cords revealed to fans an extract from the decree of Peter I about the culture of food and drink. “Food consumed moderately heavy belly dance is not obstacle to take. Potion to drink ad libitum, inasmuch as the feet keep: bude refuse to drink sitting. Lying not hold, so as not drowned, at least asked. Choking is the glory, for this is the death of honor in Russia since ancient times”, – stated in the passage.

      According to the representative of group “Leningrad” new video rockers, on the contrary, is directed to the level of alcoholism decreased. The clip tells the five ordinary residents of St. Petersburg: office worker, clerk grocery store, the traffic police, the taxi driver and tour guide of the Russian Museum. All the characters from despair drink too much alcohol and throwing unbridled joy on the streets of St. Petersburg.

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