Звезда клипа «На лабутенах» платит за себя на свиданиях Actress Julia Topolnica two years meets with the resident Comedy club. According to Debski, one day she got into a very bad situation when he was forced to pay for itself at the meeting with the young man. Since then, going on dates, the artist takes money.

      Звезда клипа «На лабутенах» платит за себя на свиданиях

      Julia Topolnicky, the same “girl on the louboutins” from the acclaimed video of the band “Leningrad”, in recent years literally selling like hot cakes – 24-year-old actress not only serves on the boards of the St. Petersburg theatre “actors”, but also successfully acted in commercials and movies. Until recently, however, nobody knew who hurries after grueling days of shooting Julia.

      The name of her lover declassified “StarHit”. It turned out that for two years the girl associate romance with 28-year-old member of the “Comedy club” Igor Chekhov, known in Saint-Petersburg on the humorous duet “Kukota & Chekhov”. Yulia confesses she loves to go on dates in the past could even make the first move in a relationship. However, she always takes the purse, to avoid awkward situations.

      Girl “louboutins” from a clip of group “Leningrad” hides an affair with the resident of “Comedy club”

      Звезда клипа «На лабутенах» платит за себя на свиданиях“It all started with the fact that in ninth grade, the young man invited me to the movies. I asked my brother the money for the ticket, but he assured: once the guy called me out on a date, have to pay it, – admitted “StarHit” Topolnica – In General, we arrive at the cinema, my boyfriend buys a ticket and is waiting for and I will do the same. At this point I nearly through the earth have not failed – I was so embarrassed! Since then, I always take the money and often pay for themselves”.

      Now the actress had to part with his lover – Julia is working in Moscow on the Comedy series “Bitch” of STS. Her heroine – manicurist Nelia, which is in search of her Prince constantly meeting with different candidates. In the story, Yulin character nel is friends with Sonia, a journalist and misanthrope, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova. During the filming, which began in late March, the actress also managed to make friends. To see the result of their collaboration will be possible in the fall.

      According to Yulia Topolnicki, her heroine in the series have something in common with the “girl on the louboutins”: “Neli is also no money for expensive brands, so she buys what she can afford. Personally, I think her wardrobe vulgar as clothes of my character from the clip. But, unlike that character, Nelia not arrogant – rather, open and naive. She really enjoys everything that happens in her life, and in this sense we look alike”.

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