Татьяна Миткова возвращается на телевидение Known TV presenter has prepared for spectators a surprise. Tatyana Mitkova made a documentary about the life of jazz musician Oleg Lundstrem. The on-air talent will appear in the frame in order to tell you about a great musician.

      Татьяна Миткова возвращается на телевидение

      Tatyana Mitkova for many years is a symbol of a broadcasting company “NTV”, and Russian television as a whole. Leading always had our own position, which might not coincide with the official. In programs about politics is a rarity. Colleagues believe Tatiana a professional with a capital letter, and the audience – a consummate television figure.

      Some time ago Mitkova disappeared from the screens. In the program “Today. Itogi” on NTV leading more and has not appeared. But now she is ready to present to the audience a new project – a documentary film about Oleg Lundstrem.

      This year the country marks 100 years since the birth of the legendary jazzman, who is remembered as the founder of the touring jazz band in the world. The orchestra Lundstrem rattled in the second half of the twentieth century. With the band worked almost all famous singers from George Garanian and Sergey Butman to Alla Pugacheva and Irina Ponarovskaya.

      “I decided to participate in this project because I as a journalist interested in the era, which was created by Oleg Lundstrem and his musicians. Worked not because of, but in spite of. How they did that? The answer, I hope, will find in the process of filming,” says Mitkov.
      Татьяна Миткова возвращается на телевидение

      It is noteworthy that a huge help in working on the film was provided by the family of a great musician, which keeps things, instruments, sheet music of Oleg Lundstrem. Tatiana visited Kazan, where he lived jazzman, Shanghai, where his orchestra has gained enormous popularity, and Europe, which opened its doors to the team Lundstrem, let the entire world know – in the Soviet Union also know how to play jazz.

      Frank account of Tatiana Mitkova on freedom of creativity and the choice of the person will be aired in the documentary film “Oleg Lundstrem. Cultural code”.

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