Vera Brezhnev has excited fans bared Breasts

Вера Брежнева взбудоражила поклонников оголенной грудью The singer surprised fans by frame without underwear. In pictures of Vera Brezhnev covered her chest with her hands. Fans of the star noted that she looks great and hasn’t changed over the years.

      Popular singer Vera Brezhnev does not hesitate to show the fans of spicy shots, placing them on his page in the social network. A few hours ago the actress shared a photo on gray background made by one of her photographers. Woman posing Topless, covering her Breasts with her hands. Her skin glows and shines from cosmetics that cover the body. “I feel better”, – has signed a snapshot of Faith.

      Fans were delighted with this update the microblog stars. “So sexy”, “Elegant”, “Most beautiful”, “Beauty. Very cool,” wrote compliments subscribers Brezhneva. Many said that she looks great and did not change with age. It is likely that this picture will be included in the series of photos that will appear on the pages of one of the glossy magazines in the coming months.

      By the way, Brezhnev repeatedly Shine in revealing ensembles on the red carpet. 34-year-old star boasts an excellent figure, which looks perfect with any outfits. According to the artist, a healthy lifestyle helps her stay not only slim, but also full of strength and energy. “Sports is not just a fad, fashion or something else. First is health, and therefore wellbeing, and decreases the frequency of the disease. Secondly, if you want to be the master of your life – start with your body. First become its owner. So you can control your body, and not he you. Self-control, self-discipline is a great force. Sport should be a lifestyle, not a temporary phenomenon,” said Faith.

      In the past two weeks, the artist has toured with a concert program, so she is not always able to devote time going to the gym. “Once on the simulator, made it feasible for yourself to exercise, it was calm for about 4 kilometers, but with the lift, thus has achieved its “working heart rate”. Water, as always, during exercise, drink small SIPS and desire,” – said Brezhnev in his separate blog dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.