Agutin surprised erotic video featuring Varum

Агутин удивлен эротическим видео с участием Варум As it turned out, the singer knew nothing about the video for the song “Babylon”. Recently, the journalists were introduced yesterday with one of the early works of his wife. According to them, Leonid was surprised. He also admitted that he will definitely discuss it with Angelica.

      Агутин удивлен эротическим видео с участием Варум

      Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum have been together for over 18 years. Steam never ceases to confess each other in love. However, as recently revealed, the couple know about each other, not all. At the ceremony of awarding the prize “Radiomania”, held in late October, journalists showed sensational Agutin video for the track “Babylon”. His Director was Dmitry Meskhiev, now famous for such films as “Battalion”, “Their” and the TV series “lines of fate”. Now on account of his many prestigious awards and membership in prestigious organizations, but then he, like God, was at the initial stage of career development.

      The video, which I decided to share with the singer, came out in 1993, before the marriage of Angelica with a famous artist. “Pink snow, purple rain, Indigo colored night, again I see a silver dream where my city is my Babylon” – sings in the video Varum. But he is remembered by many not because of lyrics but because of the erotic scenes. Perhaps this clip is one of the most outspoken, not only in her career, but in the Russian show-business in General. It Varum, dressed in a transparent dress, walking on the beach where are sunbathing naked girls of model appearance. For censorship reasons the entry did not show on the screens of the country.

      “I’ve never seen this work, Angelika and I, no one talked about it. So we have something to discuss, and remember,” – said Leonid reporters.

      According to representatives of the media showing a clip Agutin on the tablet, the first singer stared at his screen. Only after some time decided to comment on an archived recording. According to Leonid, he was not familiar with “Babylon,” and had not even heard about it. He also told reporters, be sure to discuss the clip with his wife.

      Recall that the wedding of Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin took place in 2000, before the lovers have met for about three years. The ceremony took place in Venice. The star couple is considered to be one of the highest in the Russian show business. The girl is the daughter of Elizabeth, which this year was 17 years old. She decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents – she also studies music. About the successor Agutin and Varum is also known that she was five years old living in Miami with relatives. Leonid Agutin has unveiled the truth about her daughter