Participants reality show “Dom-2” has arranged fight

Участницы реалити-шоу «Дом-2» устроили драку In the brawl involved several girls who are currently in the Seychelles. About what happened on the island, said in microblogging one of the rivals Rita Kern.

      The first season of “House-2. Love island” is coming to an end. Bachelors show Ivan Barsukov and Alexander Zadoinov seems to have found love. However, some participants in the program hope that the decision of young people has changed. The relationship between the girls strained to the limit. It became known that between rivals even scuffle. The incident was reported Rita Kern in his microblog. Busty participant “House-2” was condemned for the lessons of seduction

      “We had a fight. Three of us against five girls. We biting, scratching and tearing clothes. It was very funny and fun, kindergarten remembered. The struggle for power was successful. All acknowledged me home, as they were not able to arrange any provocations without me, earlier today when I refused their authority and handed over his red apron Julia,” said Kern, laying out a collage of pictures with the other participants of the show.

      Followers of Rita was divided into two camps, one supported it, noting that it behaves correctly on the project. Others expressed the view that the girl should not provoke participating in the show for such actions. The very core jokes on such a feature. “It would be cool if a million gave me. Well, as the chief instigator” – has written in the microblog Busty participant.

      Rita in close contact with Marina Cherkasova, known to viewers as Mexico. This girl is the main contender for the victory. It has been called the Queen of the island. Mexico happy in the relationship with Zagajnovym. The couple decides where they will live after the project. A young man calls her to Yaroslavl, and she wants to stay in Moscow. However, so far Cherkasova lives for today and enjoys date with Sasha. “I just live and not think about what will happen tomorrow. The fate of the unpredictable. The universe only gives us what we deserve,” writes Mexico on your page. Alexander Zadoinov will force new girl to abandon the luxurious life