Василий Степанов преследует бывшую возлюбленную Daria Egorova spoke about pleadings ex-elect. Despite the fact that the couple broke up a few years ago, Vasily Stepanov’s still calling his ex-girlfriend. According to the actress, she is very tired of it.

Daria Egorova is an actress, remembered the Russian viewers for his roles in the paintings of serial “While sleeping village” and “the Last of the Janissaries”. 27-year-old actress graduated from the Theatrical Institute named after Shchukin, and in 2011 has already started to work in cinema. Soon the screens will be released film Lilies Trofimova “Other” with her.

However, many viewers remember a few years ago Egorov met with the star on “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov. When the young man struck fame, their relationship began to fade, and the behavior of the actor was becoming unbearable.

“It is this popularity and became the catalyst for the deterioration of his mental illness. Last year he was in the mental hospital, and his family in different TV shows doused me with mud in exchange for good fees. His mother, rather than to treat the son of psychiatrists, tries to exorcise his demons. Vasily does not understand that he was sick and needed constant observation of doctors,” – says Daria about the former chosen one.

Earlier, the actress recalled that she had to undergo during life together with Vasily. She was terrified of his unwarranted outbursts of anger. As it turned out, Stepanov still sometimes calls the girl.

“He still calls me insane and asks for her help. I, as always, rushing to his aid, but turns out to be an empty farce. This story caused me so many wounds… Stepanov – my past, with which it is necessary to adequately say goodbye,” said Egorova.

Now Daria is in a relationship, but the name of the chosen one prefers to hide. “I want to become a mother, I dream that I had two children. I’m ready. It is important to leave something behind, this also applies to children, and roles, so began carefully choose the movies,” said the actress in an interview with “Secrets of the stars”.

We will remind, recently Vasily Stepanov took part in the filming of “Who’s next, the dreamers?”. As told the Director of the project Natalya Verevkina, the actor was always the Executive, the time was here and got on well with the team. The picture is not yet free, as the money ran out. The Network has established a special collection to implement the idea.