Алла Михеева выучилась на стюардессу
The presenter has fulfilled a long-held dream.

Photo: Personal archive

It turns out that the star of the First channel Alla Mikheeva has not always wanted to be an actress and, especially, the presenter. Even before enrolling in drama school girl seriously planning to… fly! She even went on “reconnaissance” at the airport Pulkovo (Alla lived in Saint-Petersburg) and find out what you need to do to become a flight attendant.

And finally, more than 10 years, Mikheeva partially realized his dream. She visited the training center of flight attendant and passed the basics of the specialty. Alla practiced exercises on the water in a swimsuit, skills for security on special simulators and studied the art of maneuvering the cart!

“I had no idea that flight attendants prepare so seriously and that they are all-powerful, — said Mikheev impressions. Each of them is a psychologist, a doctor and a lifeguard. Now, having been in their place I will differently perceive these smiling beauties and handsome men on Board.”

Another enjoyable moment during the visit was trying on uniforms worn by flight attendants.

“I think it suits me!” — says Mikheev.