Дочь Даны Борисовой вызвали на допрос According to the presenter, this initiative was made by the father of Paulina. Today in Dorogomilovsky court Maxim Aksenov was behaving aggressively towards Dana Borisova, trying to humiliate.
Дочь Даны Борисовой вызвали на допрос

Dana Borisova continues to fight for her daughter. Now Polina Aksenova is with the father. The presenter continues to insist that her ex-common-law spouse Maxim restricts her meeting with heiress. Today was held a regular meeting in Dorogomilovsky court about the order of communication of the stars with a child. To the surprise of This, her daughter was present.

“I will say one thing. My opinion is that Maxim Aksenov was acting like a scandalous woman marketplace, counting every penny, how much cost my gifts during this time for my daughter and allowing my address value judgments and insults. I can be proud of, I unflinching like a tank, only occasionally smile and not sink to his level, and, of course, without tears and suffering. But unacceptable is the fact that without the requirement of a judge, here today on his initiative, brought his daughter to give her a questioning. On the insistence of his lawyer, and he did. Sorry Paula, who skipped school and have to talk shit to the mother”, – shared his emotions Borisov on the page in a social network.

Borisov, however, later deleted the account. In a new post Dana noted that the hearing lasted about six hours, but the final decision was taken.

Previously, Maxim was not in court and represented by counsel. The legal representative of The Ministry of Chichiashvili reported that the meeting is happening behind closed doors.

“In accordance with law, any information I can provide. The next meeting will be held next week,” said the lawyer Borisova “StarHit”.

Dana plans to subpoena more documents. As told TV presenter, the guardianship plan to visit the house to understand in what conditions will remain the child for his mother.

Borisov was told that during one meeting, Pauline had behaved inappropriately and literally pounced on her. Star worried about the heiress and recommends ex-husband to reduce the child to a psychologist.

Dana international will not use illegal drugs is 11 months old. The presenter still afraid that it might come back to a heavy addiction. “Ready to be tested for alcohol and drugs, to prove that clean. Honestly, I’m most afraid of failure for alcohol, drugs, forgotten the theme, there is no fear,” said the star in one of TV programs.