Василиса Володина серьезно заболела

Leading the program “let’s get married” had to interrupt work because of health problems.

From diseases in our world no one is immune: even if you’re a simple homemaker or a famous astrologist who read the destiny of the stars. From Vasilisa Volodya throat problem that she can not cure. For advice the TV presenter turned to his fans.

About the bad health Vasilisa said on his page on Instagram. “I lost my voice – written by Volodin. – That happens to me 1-2 times a year on the basis of a load on the ligament. But now, probably has been added and air conditioning. Advice next time cancel and transfer at a later time, restore the throat. No matter how treated, but there is no help, nor figs in the milk or sage. The result is zero. Can only neorganichno to cipet. If someone knows a reliable and effective means of restoring voice to email directly here. Cognac does not offer.”

Subscribers astrologer rushed excitedly to give advice. Somebody recommended to drink hot milk with soda, someone- to anoint the throat Lugol’s or tincture of propolis and speak as little as possible, some inhalations with eucalyptus. But most people agreed that Vasilisa should see a doctor.

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