Кардашьян рассказала, как похудела на 27 кило после родов

The path to the ideal figure was given socialite is not easy.

After the birth of second child (son of St. was born on 5 Dec last year), Kim has worked relentlessly to reset recruited during pregnancy weight. After the first birth Kardashian had a hard time in the fight with the hated kilograms, so this time she came prepared: nutrition program, personal trainer, and the right motivation.

Socialite didn’t hide that before she started losing weight, her weight was 86 kg, and the goal was 59 kg.

A little more than six months, and Kim came to his goal!

Кардашьян рассказала, как похудела на 27 кило после родов
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Getty Images

Kardashian admitted that she was very hard on the path to a perfect body and at some point she despaired that the body will remain forever formless. But diet and regular exercise has done its job – Kim looks amazing!

“Belly and thighs lose weight in the least – it was upsetting me, but I didn’t stop and went hard to goal. After the birth of Seynt my body was flabby and shapeless. At some point I even got desperate and clearly don’t have. Each figure has its problem areas, but they can and should work! Every woman who gave birth to the child, confirm that the return of a toned body is not easy. For this you need to put all your resources: nature, energy, mental and physical strength. After the birth of two children I feel better than before! I worked on myself, changed myself and proud of it”, – said Kim in an interview with People.

A beautiful body gives confidence. Kardashian tirelessly puts in “Instagram” their “naked” photos. And if most of the subscribers are constantly criticized “naked” pictures of the stars, then her colleagues stand up for an intimate photo!

For example, when Kim was published in the microblog photo of myself in the Nude, covering his privates with black stripes in photoshop, and have received hundreds of negative comments in the microblog, it began to actively support Sharon Osbourne, Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Courtney Stodden and Helen Mirren stated that he believes the star a sexy and bold.

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