Анджелина Джоли пытается набрать вес, чтобы спасти брак

According to the statement sources and the latest images of the stars, the actress decided to take his health.

Last year the audience and then discusses the appearance Jolie. And the object of discussion are not for her beautiful hair and big lips, and slender figure: according to rumors, stars weight has reached 38 pounds!

By the way, a few years ago the actress suffered from anorexia. It seemed that things went better, but no, judging by the photos, it is time to sound the alarm. Angelina looks even worse than then: haggard face, thin arms, protruding veins. As reported by the Western media, passers-by, met Jolie on a walk with children, shy away in horror.

Анджелина Джоли пытается набрать вес, чтобы спасти брак

And has even problems with my husband began. “Angie’s always been thin, but never weighed so little as now. Brad spent months trying to help Angie and do not know what to do next. He gave his wife an ultimatum: if she doesn’t go for treatment in rehab, he’d leave her and take the kids. He loves his wife, but his flippant attitude scares Angie to their health,” he revealed to the problems of relations insider.

But Jolie, apparently, was just weak: he took himself in hand, the actress started to gain weight. Recently, Angelina and his family returned to America and resumed his public activities. Recently, Jolie became a visiting Professor at the London school of Economics.

At the last event where there was Jolie, fans noted that the hands of the actress plumper, and face cleared up, there was a glow. It seems that the crisis is over and Angelina decided to take his health.

Western insiders report that the mood of Angelina too has changed for the better and the actress is going back to active life.

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