Постаревшая от борьбы с раком Доэрти вышла в свет

The actress for the first time in a long time came out and talked to the press.

In August last year, Shannen Doherty admitted that he is struggling with breast cancer. “Yes, I have breast cancer, and right now I’m going through treatment, the statement of the actress. — I continue to eat right, going to the gym and have a positive attitude. I am grateful to my family, friends, doctors and of course the fans for their support”, – said the actress.

Treatment of Doherty did not come easy, and at some point she almost gave up!

During treatment, Shannen has placed an old photo of times of the series “Charmed” and wrote: “That’s all…” if the audience is not a little afraid and wished Doherty to find the strength to fight.

A year later, Shannen began to appear in public, and even decided to communicate with fans in Sydney! With simple styling, no make-up, wool sweater and classic jeans – the kind of audience I saw a 45-year-old Dougherty a few days ago. The actress cheerfully talked to reporters and tried to look cheerful, but of course, it was impossible not to notice that Shannen is very tired.

Winter this year in the American show Dr. Oz. Show, Shannen Doherty admitted that she is struggling with the treatment. Actress with tears in her eyes admitted that she can no longer have children and she will have another surgery because the tumor appeared again.

Recall that the actress has filed a lawsuit against their business partners, who refused to pay her health insurance, which the treatment had to be postponed. As a result, the star had to have a mastectomy and undergo chemotherapy.

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