Валерий Меладзе помог Анжелике Агурбаш справиться с депрессией

That’s no longer Delhi on the vast social networks started flashmob #Anabolisantin which tell a variety of stories from his life. Supported the campaign and singer Angelica Agurbash, telling the sad story of the marriage of the “sausage king” Nikolai Agurbash. According to the artist, to divorce domestic tyrant, constantly raising her hand, she decided only after the birth of the son of Anastas, and by the subsequent depression of her saved.. Valery Meladze.

Валерий Меладзе помог Анжелике Агурбаш справиться с депрессией
After Nicholas beat her and threatened to take the child, Angelica was only confident in the fact that she had to leave her husband. After consulting with family, the singer made a sensational statement, which has become for many a shock: until then everyone thought their marriage is almost perfect. Then she had a lot to hear in your address words of support and Vice versa the charges, they say, is to blame. Reading about himself on the Internet and Newspapers, Angelica was very upset, little by little slipping into depression. From this state got it.. Valery Meladze. The famous singer, whom she accidentally met at the airport gave her good advice.

“Angelica, don’t read about yourself on the Internet, and my surroundings tell me not to do it” — said Valery. Agurbash did as advised a colleague, and since that time absolutely not interested in what they write about it and what they say behind her back. She talked with people from the inner circle and they are accustomed to.
“I am a strong woman. I managed without the help of professionals to get out of a deep depression, but not everyone is like me. Women, don’t be afraid to consult a specialist. A professional psychologist will help you overcome this difficult condition and to save!” summed up Angelica.

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