Представитель Курбана Омарова прокомментировал конфликт с Ксенией Бородиной

Recently Ksenia Borodina made the fireplace out and told the whole truth about her relationship with her husband Kurban Omarov. TV presenter admitted that after a couple of months after the start of family life, the husband began to go “left” and his friends it was covered. To tolerate such deception and permanent adultery Xenia is not wanted and therefore decided to divorce her husband.

Until now, he Eid, did not comment on the testimony of his wife. Omarova is to talk to the press was entrusted to representative men.

By words a press-the attache of a businessman gala Sergeeva, the young man is now engaged in the signing of a major contract and monitors social networks are still legally married.

“Now Eid is the signing of documents on major business projects. I don’t think he saw this post. It does not follow the social networks of Xenia. I will say that I’ve never heard of Eid negativity towards Xenia, but I think he could tell a lot just men’s upbringing he wouldn’t allow it”, — said the representative of the press Omarova.

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