Guns N ‘Roses задержаны на канадской границе с оружием

The group Guns N ‘Roses lived up to its name: the members of the band were arrested for possession of a firearm at the canadian border. The group was stopped at the Toronto airport last week on the eve of their concert in Ontario. After searching the rockers, the police found their weapons, which, according to the musicians, not theirs.

Guns N ‘Roses задержаны на канадской границе с оружием
The incident was told by the lead singer Axl rose during a concert which took place in Rogers Centre.
“We weren’t arrested, just detained us. Customs officers were very polite and courteous. Know how it goes: you can forget that you have the damn gun. It wasn’t my gun,” said Axel.
The representative of Guns N ‘Roses confirmed that the weapon does not belong to any group members.

“Yes, indeed, Friday 15 July, they were detained by customs officers” — he answered journalists ‘ questions.
Fortunately, all of the canadian concerts of the tour “Not In This Lifetime Tour which ends in November this year, the band played.
By the way, for the very singer, this is not the first such arrest for weapons. In 1988, he was carrying a stun gun and was arrested at the canadian border. He just didn’t know what to carry it illegally.

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