Valery Meladze fulfilled the dream of a seriously ill fans

Валерий Меладзе исполнил мечту тяжело больной поклонницы The singer helped the eleven-year-old ward of the hospice “House of a lighthouse” again to start to believe in miracles. It is with great pleasure talked to a young fan and showed her behind the scenes of “the Voice. Children.” Little Dasha was delighted.

      Валерий Меладзе исполнил мечту тяжело больной поклонницы

      Valery Meladze is among the stars who are not indifferent to the requests of their fans. February 14, Deputy Director of the children’s hospice “House of a lighthouse” the lead of Maniava asked friends for help. She told her neighbors about the 11-year-old girl Dasha, who is suffering from a serious illness. “She’s got cancer, pain, blood, all hard. The mood is ugly, almost all the questions Dasha says, “How should I know.” The hospice doctors choose treatment, and we are all trying to figure out what Dasha happy. But the New year in. the questionnaire were distributed to children wrote their dreams. Dasha wrote that he would like to came to her, Valery Meladze,” – said a young woman.

      Environment volunteer suggested she contact the representatives of the star. The famous singer promised to allocate time charming the girl and kept his word. He came to see Dasha on February 17. Surprise the child was not the limit.

      “It is early in the morning arrived in Moscow just for one day, practically from the plane directly to the Dasha. The first thing Dora said, “are You real?”. It was so touching that all a bit confused. But he cleverly found a way to prove that he’s showed on phone your photos with other celebrities. Dasha smiled and believed. And then talked about everything – about their favorite gear, Hobbies, Pets, sweets, Romanian and many others. Dasha was beaming with delight. And in the evening mom called and said her daughter gave happiness” – shared Moniava.
      Валерий Меладзе исполнил мечту тяжело больной поклонницы

      A few days later Valery Meladze has invited his new acquaintance on the rehearsal draft of the First channel “Voice. Children.” Dasha was happy to meet other participants of the show closer and learn more about life behind the scenes. The singer not only gave the girl a tour of the television station, but also gave her a pleasant surprise.

      “Dasha is now the owner of a big secret, who of the three team members Meladze will remain in the show. Dasha promised not to tell anyone and even not telling us. The shooting was in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Dasha saw all the best new songs, scenery, a bunch of stars, looked as work mentors, choreographer and stylist… Valery Meladze came to Dasha to know her opinion. A goodbye signed commemorative postcard and showed their dressing room, where Dasha was waiting for a treat. Difficult words to write, how does all of this matter”, – said the employee of the medical-social institutions.
      Валерий Меладзе исполнил мечту тяжело больной поклонницы