Николай Караченцов пострадал в автокатастрофе Famous actor urgently hospitalized in one of clinics. The car of Nikolay Karachentsov collided with another car. According to the relatives of the artist, his life threatens nothing.

      Николай Караченцов пострадал в автокатастрофе

      Tonight the famous Soviet actor Nikolai Karachentsov was taken to the hospital. Presumably, he received a traumatic brain injury, yet doctors do not seek to provide an accurate diagnosis without a thorough examination. Now the whole family worried about the state of people’s artist, who was injured in a traffic accident.

      “We don’t know anything, “hanging” on the phone to understand what had happened. As we found out, as Nikolai Petrovich is now stable. Greater yet say nothing – we find out details,” – said the “StarHit” the daughter of the actor Irina.

      It is reported that the accident occurred in the village of Zagoryansky in Shchelkovo district of Moscow region. Car 72-year-old actor faced “Gazelle”, which, according to some reports, moved in the same direction with the car Karachentsov and slowed down before the turn. At this time, the vehicle artist has gone on overtaking. From the collision the car overturned. Reportedly, the car in which there was Nikolay Karachentsov, took the wheel. Nikolai Petrovich was sitting in the passenger seat, but who occupied the driver’s seat remains unclear. Reportedly, along with Karachentsovu in the cabin was his cousin Elsa Ivlev and nurse, and the car belongs to the wife of the actor Lyudmila Porgina.

      The artist’s wife supports her husband and tries is next to him in difficult moments. In the autumn of last year, the famous Soviet actor was hospitalized with a leg injury. He inadvertently fell out of bed. As his leg was damaged, he was not able to rise. The wife of the artist was not strong enough to raise her husband, but because she went for help. In the end Karachentsov spent three hours on the floor, while the L. purgina looking for people who could cope with this task. After the incident, the actor was admitted to the best rehab centre of Moscow, which hosted the restorative treatment.