Ляйсан Утяшева пожаловалась на капризы дочери Famous gymnast asking advice from fans. According to Utyasheva, her two-year-old heiress Sophia is actively interested in the jewelry and asks her mom to pierce her ears. However, the athlete is afraid to take risks, as it believes that the girl is still very small.

      Popular gymnast Laysan utiasheva shared with fans details of family life. Despite the fact that utiasheva trying not to put pictures of children on social networks, its subscribers look forward to each picture, where a little will see the son Robert or daughter Sofia. Sometimes Laysan consults with the users of the network on the education of children.

      In the moment before the famous mother there is a problem: whether to pierce the ears of two year old daughter or not. As explained by the wife of Paul Will, yet she manages to divert the attention of baby rings, beads, bracelets.

      “The fact that all the playgrounds Sofia sees their peers and even year-old babies with pierced ears. Runs to me, throws up his pens and said: “Where Cosine (she calls it) in the ears of the beads?” I pierced ears at 12, when I tortured my mom. And I remember that it hurt, especially to sleep on your side, and Sofia is sleeping only on your side…” said utiasheva.

      In the picture the star’s mother revealed that Sofia is their first ring. Women who are faced with a similar problem, told how he had resolved the issues with her daughters. “Godchild for a year slashed quickly and quietly. They say the sooner the better”, “We have been doing. The baby, of course, shout in the process, but after 10 minutes I forgot everything”, “We are in four years, crying much, but she went with her husband, they were pierced with a gun, I didn’t go because I knew that I would cry, dad went all easier,” “Me ears pierced at 6 months, I don’t remember anything”, “I believe that the pierced ears are better for school. As in the garden, for example, the kids are still little and you can pull the shackle,” wrote netizens.

      The athlete is always worried about the health of Robert and Sofia. According to Rosie as soon as she sees that some of the children got sick, she immediately consults with the doctor. “Hello, it’s got snot”, – I called the pediatrician. – “Just wash?” On the second day call again. The pediatrician already strictly says: “Three days should be washed”. Then somehow the doctor admitted that the phone already afraid to take when I’m calling,” admitted utiasheva in one of the television.